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NicoBloc – a new product for smokers

When immediate quitting is not an option

The properties of what later became known as NicoBloc were first observed in the early 1970’s during the Vietnam War. American soldiers were given free issue cigarettes but these tended to be the cheapest brands and as a result were very harsh to smoke

Over 100 Frightening Facts about Smoking

Learn about your enemy and you will overcome it

Start to stop smoking today – promise yourself you will quit.
It only takes a split second for the idea of being a non-smoker to take hold in your mind, then grasp it and hold it tight – nuture the idea and it will be yours!

Winning Customers on the Phone

Making unsolicted sales calls to strangers is a frightening thought to many; few do it well.

By learning professional techniques on how to approach a prospective customer on the right basis you will be a jump ahead of the competition. You will tap a virtually limitless source of new business opportunities. These powerful, proven sales techniques will enable you to perform to your best, if you put them to use on a daily basis.

Are you a Peak Performer?

Learn what it takes to be a winner in 2012

Any average salesperson can become a peak performer because, despite what some people might believe, peak performing salespeople are not born. They are in fact trained. They practice their skills, they study the marketplace and they plan for success. They create in themselves a burning desire to be at the top of one of the noblest professions in the world

Ciaran J. Newman

About the author:Ciaran J Newman is a past Chairperson and Fellow of the Irish Institute of Training and Development. He has lectured extensively on the subject of Goal Setting and Behaviour Modification. He is presently Sales and Marketing Director of NicoBloc PLC.

Nicotiana Tabacum

The most dangerous plant on the planet.

The nicotine from the tobacco plant is currently killing around 4 million people every year.